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1. februára 2010

Satir - Letter...

... from Our President

Greetings Satir Global Families,

I am hoping 2010 will be a wonderful year for you. Satir Global is starting out the New Year with a new transition that is both sad and exciting.

Our dear, dear friend Louise Witt is retiring from her job as the Director of the Satir Global Office. We are sad to lose her, but also happy for her. I know one thing Louise looks forward to more time for her adorable grandson and her family.

As many of you who know Louise, know she has been a dedicated and outstanding employee for the last ten years. Because of the person Louise is, she has been much more for us than the Director of our office. She is a dear member of our Satir family. She has watched over our beloved organization with great care and wisdom. Her knowledge and guidance has been invaluable. She will continue to be available to assist us and make this transition a smooth one.

I know many of you have been able to call the office with a question or a need over these years and experience the warmth and wisdom that Louise was always ready to give. We will miss her greatly.

Some of you may want to express your gratitude and wishes for Louise. You can send those notes to her email address at: louisewitt@comcast.net or at the Satir Global Office at: office@satirglobal.org. I know she will love to hear from you.

We at the Satir Global board have tremendous gratitude and affection in our hearts for Louise. I continue to look forward to my connections with Louise as a member and as a dear friend.

As I am thinking about the loss part of this transition, I am also excited to tell you that we are very much looking forward to welcoming our new Office Manager. Our new employee is Joyce Rauth-Fears. We feel incredibly blessed to have her coming on board with us. For those of you who know Wayne and Eileen Strider, Joyce is Eileen's sister. Also if you know Eileen you know what a hard worker and talented organizer Eileen is. Eileen tells us if you think I am a hard worker and organizer, my sister is even more so. So I know we are in good hands. I also am grateful that Joyce lives a short distance from Eileen and Wayne in Kansas City, Mo. so she will also have support and guidance very close to her.

When I met Joyce, I was pleased to experience her warmth and friendliness. To me to have a welcoming presence at our office for people who call or write in is very important. She had already been studying some of Virginia's work and has taken an Enriching Your Relationship with Self and Others that Wayne and Eileen presented. She states she is excited to join our family and is excited about connecting with our membership.

I will let Joyce say more about herself but just want to pass on that Joyce has many years of experience as an Office Director. She managed a family construction business for many years where she took care of the many minute details with employees and making sure the office was ran efficiently. We feel very fortunate to have her join us.

I hope you will send her a welcoming note to the office at: office@satirglobal.org. Also please note we have a new office address that is listed below.

Maureen Graves, President

Virginia Satir Global Network
8616 N Liston St
Kansas City MO 64154-3757 USA



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